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Classroom Management Resource - a must have

"Good Behaviour - No Problem!"

Needs-Focused Classroom Management Distance Learning Package

Needs-Focused™ Classroom Management


Regain control in the classroom, deal swiftly and efficiently with behaviour problems and become the calm, stress-free, relaxed teacher you trained to be. Not only that, your lessons will be the ones pupils talk about and actually want to come to!


“This workshop is something not to be missed. The entertainment is splendid and the essential messages will not be forgotten.”

Dr. Chris Botton, University of Hull

A Practical, Transformational and Cost-Effective Training Solution

As creators of compelling, highly engaging, results-driven training courses, we have recently designed a course specifically for education professionals who want to take control and create calm classrooms where teaching and learning naturally take priority. Classrooms where behaviour problems are the exception rather than the norm. Classrooms where challenging pupils are dealt with swiftly and effectively without leading to furher confrontation. Classrooms where ALL pupils feel valued and supported and so less inclined to cause problems in the first place.

Step-by-step, easy-to-follow

This course simplifies the whole process of classroom and behaviour management for teachers, lecturers, classroom assistants, mentors and other education professionals, providing a very clear step-by-step system for PREVENTING, MINIMISING and SOLVING all behaviour problems.

Study in your own time

As part of our commitment to make training as affordable and accessible as possible we are now able to offer this course in a Distance Learning version. Using video, audio and various text-based files together with the power of the Internet you can now access our training in your own time. No more commuting, no more arranging cover and no more expensive course fees. You get an excellent training package at a fraction of the cost of a live workshop, in a flexible, user-friendly format.


"Your course was brilliant and your presentation of it was amazing. Brilliant because the content of the course contained everything we needed to be brilliant teachers, and amazing, because you have the ability to make amazing transformations in those you teach."

Nina Plapp, London Attendee

These are just some of the benefits you will experience...

ü An easy way to develop 100% consistency. (The kids will thank you for it, your colleagues will thank you for it and YOU will benefit from it).

ü The best strategies for developing incredibly positive relationships with your most challenging pupils (When you get them on your side most of the problems simply disappear)

ü How a simple change in the words you use can make PRAISE ultra-effective. (this can be one of your most effective tools – when it is done RIGHT)

ü The very best de-escalation techniques. (Learn how to instantly calm pupils down and avert conflict)

ü Six brilliant ways to get pupils back on task and enjoying their work

ü A fool-proof method for getting the noisy class to settle and start work. (No more shouting and waiting required!)

ü How to phrase instructions so they follow them first time, every time.

ü What to do when they won’t follow your instructions

ü Simple scripts that give you Instant Control – there is just no arguing with these!

ü Really easy ways to bring humour, fun and excitement to your lessons. (Yours will be the lessons they talk about and actually WANT to come to!)

ü How the Needs-Focused Approach can literally transform your teaching (Here’s a clue: When the pupils feel good, their behaviour is good)

What exactly do you get?

1Presentation Value £230 (US$360) - Based on live workshop price

Excerpts from Needs-Focused Classroom Management Powerpoint Presentations and videos - over 12 hours of tutorial covering all aspects of preventing and managing behaviour problems in primary schools, secondary schools and post-16 settings.

1Course notes and articles Value £40 (US$60) - If sold alone

Further instruction and advice in the form of notes, articles and downloads

1Course workbook Value - £20 (US $30) - If sold alone

The activites and exercises you complete within your workbook will gradually build up as you progress through the course into an incredibly useful and highly practical resource - your CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT ACTION FILE. This will be a huge help to you with reminders and summaries of the skills you have learned together with classroom-ready resources you can use again and again.

1Resource download area (2 month access) Value £50 (US$65)

An Aladin's cave of activities, tips and resources to choose from in the resource area. You'll have 2 month's access to this area and an option to extend your membership beyond.

1Discount on related products and pre-launch special offers Value £100 (US$150) depending on purchases

Anyone who invests in the course will automatically receive a discount on related products which we will be offering. Titles such as 'Games, Tricks, Warm-ups and Fill-in Activities To Make Lessons Fun', 'The Needs-Focused Resource Kit', 'Highly Engaging English Lessons', Cooperative Games and Teambuilding for the Classroom' plus lots more will be offered in due course at substantial discounts.

Needs-focused classroom management pack

(NB: Box and books for illustration purposes only. Course materials are digital goods supplied by 2 month's access to password protected download area. We do not ship printed products).

How Much Does It Cost?

As you know, CPD courses can be expensive - particularly when you factor in transport costs. For schools there are also the costs of paying for cover. We recognise this and have priced the Home Study Course accordingly:

Only £55.00, (Usually £65) with an introductory £10 discount with the code ‘luckyyou’

All the materials from our Needs-focused courses in a practical 'study-in-your-own-time' format.

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